Obitelj Grgich

Obitelj Grgich

  Obitelj Grgich

Dear citizens,

the Grgich family lives in Lekenik and has eleven members. The house they live in is dilapidated and has no running water, the water they do have comes from a water pump in the yard that dries up during times of great drought. Fortunately the mother Milena (40) keeps the family together with love and hope. Out of a total of nine children, six however, have health issues. Because of the constant need to care for the sick children the father Ivica (42) employed until recently, did not receive a further contract renewal.

The brother Ivica (16) was diagnosed with psychogenic dysfunction. Monika (15), Mihael (13), Zvonko (7) and Ana (4) were diagnosed with epilepsy, while their sister Marija Marinela (8) who was also diagnosed with epilepsy has also suffered from brain inflammation. Although healthy the remaining sisters Ivana (18), Lucija (10) and the youngest Petra (2) share the fate of their sick siblings.

In this moment, this family needs urgent help in order to be able to cover all medical and basic living needs. That is why we are begging of you, kind people, to help this family with your donations.

We are sincerely grateful,

The father Ivica



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